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    7 dormitories - in an international atmosphere

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    A social life while you study - jointly or immersion

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    Great facilities

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    Natural surroundings

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    A great city for students

We have the following vacant accommodations:

(updated on January 9, 2019)

A vacant accommodation is always offered to the next in line on the waiting list. If you wish for a certain accommodation, it has to be added to your wishes on your application. A number will appear, which is your number in line on the waiting list. If the persons in front of you decline the offer, the room will be offered to you - and you must either accept or decline.



1-room accom. (per February 1)
3-room accom. (per February 1)




Room with furniture and shared kitchen (per February 15)
1-room accom. (per February 1)




Room with furniture and shared kitchen (per January 1)
Room without furniture and with shared kitchen (January 1)
3-room accom. (per January 1)

Carports available




1-room accom. (per February 1)
1½ room accom. (per February 15)




Doublet room (per January 1)
2-room accom. (per January 1)



1-room accom. (per January 1)

Please contact us for further information.